To whom it may concern, 

Leanda comes highly recommended from other professionals.

As any parent, when confronted with problems pertaining to our children we are on the defensive side an very weary of people. We jump to conclusions expecting the worst possible outcome and often drive ourselves crazy with “what if” scenarios. We forget that problems have solutions and there are people equipped with skills to offer that to you.

They say first impressions are lasting impressions and that would definitely sum up my first encounter with Leanda. She automatically took charge yet remained humble, helpful and erased any fears I may have had. The second visit was with the children where they completed test after test. What stood out in my mind is how at ease she made them feel and always taking their needs and abilities into account. She offered frequent breaks and was careful not to overload. The third visit was parents, Leanda and conclusions offering solutions to “OUR PROBLEMS”. Suddenly the dark cloud lifts and everything becomes clear. Leanda gave her conclusions based on facts. She was precise and very helpful. She filled in the blanks we may have had and kept reassuring us with her kind nurturing disposition. My husband, being a skeptic, was won over and we left feeling relieved and well informed. 

I would definitely recommend Leanda and would like to thank her for all she did for me. She answered questions and was well informed. She is not a time keeper and I felt safe in her care and trusted her opinion implicitly. 

Thank you for your kind assistance and guidance. Wishing you go from strength to strength.

Many thanks, 

Kind Regards

Leah Aronis

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