The ABC worker bees

Hello everyone,

We are so excited to meet you, and so pleased you have come to learn  more about what you can do to help your child succeed in learning!

Educational Psychologist – Leanda Otto

Language Remediation – Amy van den Bergh


Amy is a qualified teacher with 5 years experience of working in remedial education. Amy has a passion for enabling and helping young minds to overcome their specific learning difficulties. As an artist, she also believes in a creative approach to learning, whereby the learner is exposed to not just the written word; but as well as pictures, sounds, games, acting and making.

Learning should be fun, and this is what Amy strives to create in her lessons. Much of children’s learning barriers become harder to overcome as they start to loose interest in school, and loose self-esteem through repeated failures. Amy van den Bergh first and foremost aims to grow the child’s self confidence, and impart an element of “fun” into their school work.

Language Remediation – Cherisse Swanepoel


Cherisse Swanepoel is an enthusiastic 25 year old teacher. She initially studied Public Relations at the University of Johannesburg, but a year before she was suppose to graduate, she realized that she was following the wrong career path and that her passion was working with children, learning and Educational elements.

She then completed her B.ed. Degree in Education: FET phase. Her majors included English and Psychology. She describes this as being a magnificent as she loved every moment despite all the hard work and dedication it required.

During her final year of studying, she started working as a student teacher at a well know Special School for children with learning difficulties. After graduating, she continued teaching there and is currently still teaching Languages there. Cherisse feels that her experience of working with learners who have learning difficulties has taught me so much. She feels that it has taught what the true meaning of patience and dedication is.

Cherisse is very passionate about children and teaching. She strives to change the world one child at a time. It fills her heart with so much joy if a child is happy and excels. Cherisse loves animals, drawing, baking and being creative. Being able to support and assist children is her greatest passion. Cherisse is also very interested in the Psychology of the human mind as it guides her in understanding her learners better.

Charisse focuses on Language Remediation (Afrikaans and English) at ABC Remedial and is dedicated to implement change and positive learning in the lives of all the learners she works with.

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